Worst experience of my life, Horrible, Lies, cheats We stopped at a Wayne Frier Mobile Home “Open House” in Waycross, GA and found a unit that we liked and with the numbers that we were told picked out a Double wide. There we met a Wayne Frier dealer from Valdosta, Suzanne, who pulled us aside and said that said she had a much lower overhead and could sell us the same exact unit for much less and she was already located in Valdosta. We met her on her lot the next day and picked out “The Ultimate” model. It had everything. With all of the upgrades. There were signs everywhere at Waycross that said in huge print that all of their models had 2 x 6 walls, double pane windows and extra thick floors and all of the great energy saving features and upgrades. We were told that was what we were buying and it was at a significantly lower price. Those features were very important to us and we made it very clear. We agreed on the price, terms, etc, and said OK let’s do it and signed papers and put down the 10% she said would do it for us and at 5%, for 20 years. The total purchase price was around $85,000 plus 7% sales tax ($6,000.00) Total around $91,000.00. – 10% ($9,000) Down payment. = $81,000. We were told that the payment would be about $535.00 per month, plus escrow of around $100.00 per month depending on the property tax and insurance. They required us to use their insurance company. We were told to expect total payments of about $635. Per month. She promised to get everything signed by her company and back to us in a few days. We wrote her the check , signed the papers, she notarized them herself, and went back to the motel we were staying in.

Yes, we agreed on something, but I never got a copy of any of it and have requested signed copies several times, to no avail. We made it very clear that we were giving up our lease, our jobs and packing the trucks but would have no jobs when we moved here and no more assets or money left. She said all was good and we were approved and let’s close ASAP. When we arrived, for the “Final Closing”, after she missed several appointments we finally caught up to her on a Sunday. She said she was in a big hurry to her son’s baseball game and there was another, “little problem”, and that we had to increase the down payment to 15% but we were “approved”, and all was good. We gave her the extra money and signed papers on the hood of her car. She said she would get the papers signed on her end reflecting the extra down payment and mail them to us in a few days. She notarized everything herself which I thought was strange. I was used to dealing with honest people. I was careless and downright ***. When she flipped pages she had the new details covered up under the page or her hand on a clipboard that covered up the changes. Accordingly the payments should be even lower with the increased down payment but we later found out from the insurance company that she had also increased the % rate and term ? We were told everything was the same and just signed where she indicated and did not see or read everything again. She had changed the numbers. She said we were, “Closed”. What a dummy I was. We moved out of the Days Inn where we had been staying and in to the home which had already been set up on our property for a month or so. A month or so later she contacted us and said that there was another, “little problem”, and we could not move in yet and now everything was a major problem and we had to increase the down payment to 20%, but that everything was fixed now and how sorry she was and we were completely closed. “Finally”. She would get the papers signed and sent to us Monday or Tuesday. We would get a payment coupon book soon. We still have never gotten the signed papers and she inflated our incomes and assets, she told us to lie to the bank or finance company when they called about our cash, assets and job status. And she clearly knew we did not have enough money or income to afford this home so apparently she ran it through the, “Wayne Frier Finance Company”. She freaked out and said we couldn’t move in. The deal was not closed, yet ?? Were we crazy? They forced their own insurance company on us and back dated everything and told us to lie about when we had moved in along with everything else. We refused to commit fraud. With 20% ($18,200) down, the loan should have been on $72,800 with payments around $480.00 plus escrow, but the coupon book said $625 + $161 per month escrow = $786.20. BUT the insurance company papers from the company we ended up with show a balance owed of $63,754.33 ? How do you figure that ?

Suzanne the lot dealer/ manager/Notary/Salesperson, told us she could not help and told us to call Joni and Toni at the Wayne Frier Financial office. They said they couldn’t help, the Finance Company NEVER signed any documents, clients never got completed signed good faith estimates, closing or loan documents and any overage in the escrow account would be applied on the end of the loan in January. With no explanations to the buyers. It all sounds crazy to me and very illegal. Now, our payments are double what we were promised, the % rate is now 10.71%. I think, and I have no idea about the term ? I don’t know about anything for sure except that this is the worst case of fraud, product misrepresentation, predatory lending laws and downright lies about everything at every stage that I have seen or heard of . When it was being assembled on our property I saw that the walls were 2 x 4 instead of 2 x 6 construction, regular 3” insulation, single pane windows and regular thickness trailer flooring. The sale and resale value will always be much less than what we were sold and the energy bills will always be higher, forever. My wife is now on 2 different anti-depressants and does not sleep or eat well. The stress is killing us. Many violations of The Federal Truth in Lending Laws. Fraud, telling us to commit mortgage Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Predatory Lending Practices at the very least. I don’t think we have a mortgage at all, just an in-house financing of some type. Is it a fixed rate, ARM, Balloon ? We don’t know. The trailer sat on our property for over a month, empty.

We finally moved in. We were not happy with the increases but we went along with it anyway, since we were moved in, had credit problems, no jobs and lots of debts. Plus a low credit score from our bankruptcies and a foreclosure. We had to sign the closing papers on the hood of her car again because we had already moved in and she freaked out and backdated the forms and instructed us to lie about when we had moved in. It was only during assembly that I saw that the construction was 2 x 4, not 2 x 6 as we were promised and single pane windows and regular floors. When I confronted her, She looked at me like I was crazy or *** and said only the (----------) line had all that, not ours. We were heartbroken. And it was our responsibility to find out beforehand if it was that important to us. As a Realtor, I should know that. Sorry about that. Our problem not hers and we had already signed the agreement and moved in so it was no longer brand new. After numerous requests and over a year, we have never received any final, signed or unsigned, closing documents. Not even copies. We do not know the term, interest rate or amount of the loan financed or closing costs and fees, and no reputable mortgage company will touch us now on a refinance. I am now on Disability and my wife has a job but it only pays about $19,000 a year. We spent every penny we had saved on preparing the land getting permits, moving, and on the down payment. We were broke and no jobs and things are only getting worse.

Our escrow account is over funded by $1,045.74 a year. So where is the extra $1,045.74 a year going? Total monthly $786.20.

We have been living off of credit cards that are maxed out now and borrowing money from friends and family and all because of what they did to us. The crazy % rate on the cards is killing us. We are so broke.. This has been such a horrible experience. Don't let them do this to you.

Review about: Wayne Frier Homes Mobile Home.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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So you quit your jobs to move into a home you just bought? Why would you quit your job right after you bought a home? I don't believe anything you said!


Sorry for all of this. Thank you for sharing.

I was interested in looking at their homes but I think not. $91,000 is enough to buy a nice home. With $18,000.00 down on a convential home your payments would have been considerably less even with taxes and insurance. I will keep you in my prayers.

Karma is a real ***. I won't do business with them.


WOW!!!! People do whatever it takes to benefit themselves; even LIE!!!!

And then she's at another lot taking clients..... something wasn't right from the beginning.


I worked for THIS company for nine months on a sheetrock and trim crew.Every person on a his crew was strung out on pills or doing meth.I have 20 years experience in construction and I've seen alot of shady people and practices but this place takes the cake.I was fired by a 22 year old drug addict. His father runs these crews.

to Anonymous #1396258

You were fired? Enough said

Collins, Georgia, United States #961717

I was looking for anyone who is suing Wayne Frier (Waycross Ga) other peoples experiences with this company. We have had the worst luck or its our 1 year old house so much to list wrong and now my home is sinking in the middle , i'm on permanent foundation Please Help

to Sad5465 Callahan, Florida, United States #1031345

Got so many major problems with this home. Not sure how to hire attorney with no money left.

Got good evidence with video.

I know where another home like mine is. Jest not sure how to approach this situation but will not ever give up.

to Anonymous Kingsland, Georgia, United States #1232284

Same here

to Sad5465 #1250830

We have had the fire Marshall out 2x now going on 3rd because they won't fix what's on the report we are sinking again all frames have seperated caulking is cracking in kitchen n bathroom again fireplace is dripping again THIS WAS A BEAUTIFUL HOME ON THE LOT UP IN STATESBORO DO NOT BUY FROM AAA MOBILE HOMES THEY LIE TO I HAD GREAT CREDIT, RAN THROUGH 5 BANKS NOW MY CREDITS SUCKS does any one know how to get above Joel or Dexter ?


Thank you for the warning. I was interested in buying a double wide from them. I will look somewhere else .

Tallahassee, Florida, United States #924162

Thanks was just about to purchase from them. They just lost a customer.

Thomasville, Georgia, United States #900931

You should contact the better business bureau and the fire marshall. I had similar experience and they forced them to cancel all contracts and have our name removed from all finance agreements.

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