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Our of building with Wayne homes... We built a couple years ago with wayne homes.

We built a ranch home and our whole experience was pretty bad. I am not on here necessarily complaining. I just wanted to inform the public what their substandard building practices are... Their standard roof sheeting is 7/16 osb any custom home builder will put the more industry standard 5/8" osb sheeting.

All of their bandboard around your foundation was a "one by" like a 1x10 piece of pine. No insulation in the attached garage walls. They like to use blue board styrofoam on the exterior of the home under the vinyl siding with no osb board under them. So if you want to break in the house dont break a window just put a pencil through the side wall.

They will do OSB only if you specify at no additional cost. Their facia board that the gutters hang onto are also one by material which is also substandard building process. The footer drains around the home are the black corrugated pipe and less than a foot of gravel over them ( and limestone at that.... Ya i said limestone not river gravel like any other respectable builder.

The floor joists at least in my house were undersized and we had a lot of bounce in the floor and our hardwood floors sqeaked and moved excessively. They do not include ceiling lights in their advertised price and it is a $375 upgrade... Ya I know crazy right....lastly which was most disturbing to me was attached garage was backfilled with clay and topsoil and not compacted properly. They should have used a crush n run or sand or grits to backfill so the dirt doesnt settle.

Once the dirt settles in a year or so there is going to be a cave under the concrete. This is a BAD building habit and even Schumacher now backfills with proper aggregates. So yes you will go and the sales consultants will tell you that they can build the houses cheaper because they have soooooooo much volume and they build a lot of houses but the TRUTH is that they build a sustandard house unless you pay for and have the know how of what upgrades need done to build a proper house.

So in closing please know what you are grtting ok nto and ask all the appropriate questions if you as re going to build with them. Or find yourself a true custom home builder their price will be a little higher but they will include all the stuff i just stated and build will not pull a bait and switch once you sign your contract

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Defiance, Ohio, United States #942453

This is soooo true. We built in 2007 and couldn't have said it better.

We went with them because the same house with local builders was 50-75,000 more. We built on our dream property and now hate our home. Nothing but problems during construction and still having problems 7 years later. They do not stand true to the great warranty they promise at all.

We will never find another property like the one we have now so we are stuck trying to deal with all the issues. Biggest regret of our lives choosing Wayne homes.

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